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In Field Sales Training are specialists in helping businesses improve their sales performance. We provide sales training in Bromsgrove and throughout the Midlands. From established businesses, to SMEs or start-ups, we can help you to reach your business goals and achieve success. You can arrange a free consultation with us and discuss your sales goals and where you feel your team needs to be. We can then work with you to improve your sales performance and help your business to maximise its potential. Book your initial meeting with us today to kick start your sales revolution.

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Sales training in Bromsgrove. A business team getting upskilled.


we Can Level up your sales teams

Managing your sales team can be demanding for sales leaders. You will always face new challenges and hurdles. Does your team have the skills and negotiation techniques for a changing market? We are here to ensure your sales team are all speaking the same language, and to identify skills gaps by working with each member of your team in person, providing sales training and live observation training, to increase their potential and grow your sales.





What sets Our sales training apart?

As our name suggests, it is our in-field observation that sets us apart from other sales training providers in Bromsgrove and throughout the Midlands. We will sit with your salespeople as they conduct their calls, or accompany them to sales meetings if appropriate, to assess their strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to make more precise observations, and provide more hands-on coaching and support.

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How we set our sales training apart through in field observation





Take your sales team up a notch

If you want your sales team to begin winning again, and bring high quality clients into your fold, In Field Sales Training in Bromsgrove are here to help. Call us directly on 01527 304048.

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Our sales training services

Team receiving sales training in Bromsgrove

Sales training

Helping to improve professional selling skills, leadership skills, and presenting skills.

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Sales observations & coaching in Bromsgrove and the Midlands

Observations & coaching

Field observations, followed-up with the appropriate coaching and development programmes designed to help your sales team succeed.

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Sales consultancy in Bromsgrove and the Midlands

Sales consultancy

If you are looking for sales consultancy, with people who have been in the industry for over three decades, contact In Field Sales Training.

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Sales training courses in the Midlands


We offer a wide range of courses for both customer-facing staff and sales team leaders to enhance their abilities and increase your sales performance.

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Start Hitting Sales targets more reliably. Give your sales team the training they need!

In Field Sales Training are here to help your business meet its sales goals. Call us on 01527 304048 to begin your sales journey with us.

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The development challenge set was immense but they showed they were more than capable of managing...

Provided very high quality training and development to my whole team, both in group sessions and also 1:1 coaching which has proved to be extremely effective. The development challenge set was immense but they showed they were more than capable of managing the task in hand. The feedback received from everyone has been nothing but positive. Extremely professional, dedicated and capable. Rhiannon Griffiths   |   Head of Sales  |   Forensic Science Service

One of their core strengths is in the field coaching and implementation, ensuring that what is learned in the classroom gets put into practise...

I worked alongside IFST on the development and training of a Geospatial sales force. Their knowledge of the Geospatial market, combined with excellent 'classroom' sales training skills, helped build a rapport with new recruits to the Geospatial sales industry. One of their core strengths is in the field coaching and implementation, ensuring that what is learned in the classroom gets put into practise on the sales call in front of the customer. The individual in-call coaching helps identify weaknesses and strengths and allows early corrective action and encouragement, thus ensuring continuous improvement and development of the sales force. This 'in call' coaching is also invaluable to the more experienced sales consultant whose skills may need refreshing. Andrew Beckerson   |     |  






Contact In Field Sales Training in Bromsgrove

If you need your sales team to rise to the occasion contact In Field Sales Training, the specialists in sales training in Bromsgrove, serving businesses throughout the Midlands and the UK.

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