Sales Observation And Coaching with In Field Sales Training.

Sales observation and coaching

People, like businesses, are all unique, and each member of your sales team will have their own unique approach to selling. We are there to help them grow their skills and enhance what they do well and develop the things they could do better. The best way to see your sales people in action is to see them in a real world sales meeting and observe them doing what they do naturally.

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Field observations

This is where we are truly unique to other sales training companies. We will accompany your sales consultant in a live meeting environment to conduct sales observation and coaching. We will observe how they interact with their customer and how they establish that all important relationship and gain the customer’s trust. We will review their communication skills, questioning skills, meeting and sales structure and even their body language, everything that forms the foundations of a successful meeting.

One-to-one coaching and development

Once the meeting is over, we will discuss with your sales consultant the sales meeting structure and process and identify what they did well and what we believe they could improve on to make the meeting outcome more successful. The sales leader and the sales consultant will also receive an in-depth meeting observation form (competency framework) detailing the meeting content, meeting structure and the overall percentage competency of the meeting. It will also detail any development areas to be worked on and carried forward to the next meeting.



How good is a sales team if their leaders are not educated on how to mentor and develop the team further?

Many organisations will often identify an urgent need for sales training, working as part of a stakeholder team to map out the specific objectives and requirements of that training. However, often overlooked is the necessity for effective performance management of the sales team, and the capability of the sales leaders to execute it.

Sales leaders will often find themselves promoted to a role based on their performance as an individual, often without any formal sales management or leadership training. Therefore, it is important to focus on developing the coaching skills of the leader as much as it is the professional capability of individuals and teams.

Here at In Field Sales Training, we often find that a two-fold approach that focuses on sales training and sales coaching can deliver the best performance and financial impact for an organisation’s sales cycle.

Essential for anybody serious about taking their sales and business capability to the next level. Very different to sales training, coaching works on a 1:1 only basis and encompasses every aspect of the modern-day sales process and environment to ensure a fully rounded 360 development. Profound, insightful, and very powerful!





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